Candidate Recruitment

Candidate recruitmentThere were two categories of nurses being targeted for recruitment as nurse educator candidates. It was proposed that most of the nurse educator candidates be recruited from employed registered nurses with associate or baccalaureate degrees. These candidates would be sponsored by their employers to enroll in a master’s degree program at one of the 4 University of Wisconsin nursing programs who offer graduate degrees. Once enrolled, these candidates agreed in writing to continue to work for their employers for a specified period of time after completion of their master’s degree and to teach part-time as well during that period.

The other group of candidates was recruited from advanced practice nurses already holding a master’s degree in nursing across the state. Since many of these nurses, especially those prepared as nurse practitioners had no educational coursework to prepare them for the educator role, the SWIFT grant paid their tuition to a 15 credit certification program for health professionals who want to become educators in their field. This program was offered online through the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and was entitled the Health Professional Education Certificate (HPEC).